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Top 4 Dirt Bikes for 2011

By Dan Wright,

2011 Yamaha YZ450F

Yamaha has come out with a 2011 YZ450F. It is a four valve dual overhead cam engine. It has the same 97x60.8mm internal bore and stroke as the 2010 with an amazing 47.3 horsepwer and 30.3 ft of tourqe.

The power of this dirt bike is smooth running and very light weight for easy track riding and hitting those big jumps we all enjoy. All it takes is a little feather of the clutch and the 47.3 engine comes alive.

It provides soft traction for those tough terrian tracks and provides awesome handling. It weighs 250lbs with a full tank of gas. This bike has a awesome engine and well as great engineering.

It has state of the art suspension on a reliable stable chassis, and the controls functon smoothly from the front wheel to the rear wheel. This bike does everything you want it to do. It's just a matter of dialing it in for your specific needs.

Some specs on this amazing machine: Has a 449 liquid cooled single, DOHC, 4 valve bore x stroke 97x60.8mm. It is fuel injected and has a 5 speed transmission. Front and rear suspension are made from a top of the line manufacture by Kayaba which gives you the smoothest ride you can imagine.

2011 Honda 250F CRF250R

This year Honda has come out with it's 250F CRF250R class dirtbike and gave it a new design from the wheels up. While the changes aren't major they designed it to make it easier to ride for a wider range of dirtbike riders out there.

Even though the bike looks identical to last year's model Honda has changed the design of the radiator shroud graphic and all of the parts are still interchangable – a plus for those riders that compete in the 250 and 450 racing classes.

A couple more changes were the shape of the right number plate and as well as the muffler. This bike weighs just 227 pounds which is great for pits and tracks giving the rider more handling of the bike and making it feel comfortable between the riders legs.

So whether your blasting through an inside rut or leaping off a table top it's astounding how maneuverable it is.

Some additional facts: This amazing machine comes with a 249cc liquid cooled four stroke single 4 valve engine to bring you the power you need on the track. It has a 5 speed transmission, chain driven, and has a great ground clearance of 12.8 in. The fork and shocks are made by Showa giving you the ride of a lifetime with a smoother ride on the track.

2011 Suzuki RM-Z450

For 2011 Suzuki has come out with it's RM-Z450 and has undergone numerous updates. It meets a stricter AMA noise limit at (944db) while keeping a smooth engine output and the compression being increased from 12.2:1 up to 12.5:1 for higher output.

What you have of this new and updated Suzuki RM-Z450 is a open-class motocross ride that's more potent than it has ever been. As a racer you want a fast bike with laser accurate steering and confidence-inspiring high speed handling in all one exclusive package and Suzuki has done that just for you. This is a machine that has high performance written all over it and is competitive right out of the factory. Suzuki has even made this bike easier for tuning and maintenance so intercahinging parts is no problem.

Some fun facts about this bike: This racing machine has a 449cc four-stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC, four valve, fuel injected engine and provides top peformance for the rider. It's lightweight and uses motocross-use eletronic fuel injection system. This RM-Z450 has an aluminum cylinder and is treated with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. It has a slim chassis design making it comfortable for a nice riding positon opening up the cockpit and to give the rider greater control of the machine.

2011 Kawasaki KX450F

Kawasaki has recently come out with its new 2011 KX450F. This bike has the performance and the handling that every dirtbike rider needs.

From the instant you roll this bike onto the track it is suprising just how the bike fits the rider riding this machine. This machine has a 449cc single engine giving you the power on the track. Just pin the throttle and the new KX launches forward as if you put nitrous on the rear of the bike.

This bike has been improved with a new chassis that gives it better handling and is made out of aluminum (other than stee)l which gives the bike a better flex when hitting those tracks.

This bike is made more for intermediate riders in the range of 170-180lbs. Yet this new KX is an awesome machine with an overall package and yet can be futher customized to a person's needs with the fuel-injection kit.

This bike is ready to use on the track and to give you all the performance you need out on the track for racing.

A little about the specs: This track ready machine has a 449cc liquid-cooled, single, DOHC, 4-valve engine and a 5 speed transmission giving you top performance right out of the crate. Both front and rear suspension are made by Kayaba giving you the best handling of the bike ‐ and weighing only 250lbs with a full tank of gas. Its has a 13.4in clearance off the ground and everything you might want in a bike.

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