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What are the Best Supplements for MMA? We Review AST Multi Pro 32X, Brain Quicken, and Xyience NOX CG3

By Robert Rousseau,
Recently, Pride Fighting Championships ( PRIDE ) held its first ever event in the United States. Should've been a time to rejoice for MMA fans and fighters, and it was.

That is, until the day after.

It's been said that Kevin Randleman submitted a urine sample that wasn't his to drug testers, and that Pawel Nastula and Vitor Belfort both failed their respective drug tests.

In this case, that means that Nastula and Belfort were both found to have taken steroids.

Sure, it's possible that it was done by accident ( as Belfort has been quoted as saying ). Regardless, it doesn't matter. If you're found with the stuff in your system, then you broke the rules.

So in a day and age where MMA fighters are constantly trying to improve performance with the use of natural products, what kinds of supplements are they taking? Far too many to count in one article, for sure.

For three of them, though, keep reading.

AST Multi Pro 32X

From early on, we're all taught the importance of multi-vitamins. After all, the great thing about vitamins is that they give you what most or all of what your body needs without eating the contents of the entire refrigerator.

So if you're a mixed martial artist with all the advanced things out there to take, wouldn't it seem ridiculous not to take a multi-vitamin?

Probably; which is why many fighters take multi-vitamins.

There are tons of choices out there, but one that continually gets some buzz is the AST Multi Pro 32X. For true athletes, a high performance kind of vitamin is often needed, one that is taken more than once a day and supplies the necessary nutrients to get through advanced workouts.

That's what AST Multi Pro 32X is all about.

It's a high potency vitamin available in tablet form ( making it more absorbable than a capsule ). Further, it's loaded with anti-oxidants.

In short, it's a good vitamin to take for extreme athletes.

Brain Quicken

Ever hear of Brain Quicken? If not, you're not alone. In fact, Black Belt Magazine has called this product, "the newest training secret of kickboxing and no holds barred fighting champions."

So why would an athlete want to take something that has to do with the brain?

Simply because the brain and body go hand in hand; they are aligned, and that means improved brain performance equals improved athleticism. The makers of Brain Quicken claim that taking the product will improve reaction time, endurance, and muscular contraction. Further, it is also supposed to improve short-term memory.

In other words, it's not just for athletes.

This product is marketed as a neural accelerator. At the Brain Quicken website, they indicate that it is, "the only laboratory-tested cognitive performance product to be tested, validated, and used by top students at every Ivy League institution in the world."

Not sure what that exactly means.

At that same website they claim that Brain Quicken "is the product of six years of research and testing," and that it is, "considered by pharmacology and physiology PhD's to be the strongest and most rapid-acting cognitive performance aid available without prescription."

To top it off, it is said to work fast. Within 30 minutes, even. Beyond that, BrainQuicken reports that no one who has taken the product has received a single performance enhancing testing infraction as all of the ingredients are safe ( they are listed as such by the Generally Recognized as Safe list the U.S. Government puts out ), and legal.

Sounds darned good, doesn't it?

Of course, anytime you're in the market for a product like this, particularly a newer one, it's still buyer beware. Interestingly, though, the most notable thing about BrainQuicken seems to be the athletes who are quoted as endorsing it at the BrainQuicken website. Take a look ( for full quotes, visit the website ).

"BrainQuicken helps me keep my mind where it needs to be so I can make the most of every workout." - UFC Lightweight Champion, Sean Sherk.

"This stuff really works. Most products are pure placebo, but BrainQuicken is in a class by itself. I've never felt anything like it." - UFC fighter and jiu-jitsu guru, Dean "the Boogeyman" Lister

Beyond the aforementioned, Elvis Sinosic and Scot Mendelson ( the record holder in the bench press ) also have endorsed the product at the website.

For this reason, Brain Quicken might be something to consider if you're an extreme athlete in the market for such a supplement. If it works for these guys, it just could work for you.

Xyience NOX CG3

( Xyience is the official supplement of the UFC )

Mixed martial arts fighters have to be in the best of condition. Anyone who has ever been involved in submission grappling or kickboxing knows just how difficult it is to keep one's pace in either of these sports through one round, let alone several. But when you add both striking and grappling into the mix, only a great training regimen and the right supplements can help you survive.

During hard workouts or actual fights the body begins to breakdown. In order to avoid this, the body tends to need a little something extra.

Hence, where Xyience comes in.

Xyience actually makes a host of products. Whereas it's likely that you haven't heard of BrainQuicken, you'd need to be dead or living in a cave not to have heard of Xyience. Fighters like Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and Rich "Ace" Franklin have done commercials for the product, and virtually everywhere you look in the UFC, even on The Ultimate Fighter reality television show, the stuff is being endorsed.

In short, it's the most popular brand of mixed martial arts fighting supplements out there, hands down.

Xyience Nox CG3 is made up of creatines, glutamines, and nitric oxide boosters. In short, it has everything you need in it. In addition, people are also saying that the new blue raspberry flavor tastes great.

It's hard to argue with the UFC when it comes to a product. After all, they are one of the two most influential MMA organizations on the planet ( even if it is getting annoying seeing Xyience ad after ad everywhere you turn ).

So these are three of the more popular natural performance enhancing supplements being used in MMA. Remember to never take anything ( including the supplements listed in this article ) without consulting a doctor first.

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