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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz - Just Like a Monster Movie

By Robert Rousseau,
If Quinton "Rampage" Jackson ever fought Tito Ortiz, it would look a whole lot like a monster movie. Simply put, Jackson-Ortiz would be a great fight.

One fighter would enter the ring howling like a wolf ( Rampage ), while the other would bounce his way in with an American Flag in his hand, eventually claiming the octagon with it as if the fighting canvas were some uncharted territory.

And that's only before the fight. The actual encounter would pit two guys with power and a fury for fighting that few possess. Interesting, no?

Here's the problem. Quinton Jackson has trained with Tito Ortiz before, and they are known as friends. What's more, neither fighter - ala Chuck Liddell - is going to claim that they aren't friends.

In other words, these guys really are friends. This isn't one of those, I trained with you a couple of times kind of things.

So getting them in the ring won't be easy. But in the world of the UFC, stranger things certainly have happened. Besides, if Jackson were able to beat Chuck Liddell when they are eventually pitted against one another in the future, it would leave Rampage the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

Ortiz sure does want that belt back.

So, here's taking a look at what potentially could happen.

Tito Ortiz vs. Quinton Jackson in the UFC

What Tito Ortiz brings to the table. - The Huntington Beach Bad Boy sports an overall MMA record of 15-5 with eight (T)KO's and two submission victories to his credit. Ortiz has won five of his last six fights.

Unfortunately for him, the last one was a TKO loss to Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell ; further, it was his second loss to the UFC Champion ( almost guaranteeing that another shot against Liddell in the near future is a pipe dream ).

Ortiz is an elite wrestler, with outstanding takedowns and ground control. If Randy "The Natural" Couture was the best takedown and ground control guy this division has ever seen ( the ground part of 'ground and pound' ), then Ortiz is the best the division has ever seen at the pound part of that phrase. In short, when he gets you on the ground, he tends to unleash an assault that is so devastating, at times, it can look just plain wrong.

Ortiz used to be below average on his feet. Nowadays, though, he's at least an average striker ( probably a little better than average ). Further, he always comes to fight in outstanding shape.

In fact, he's known for his cardio.

Last, it's important to note that Ortiz has fought his entire career in the UFC but one fight. Thus, he's very adept at using the octagon wall to his advantage.

What Quinton Jackson brings to the table. - Rampage would bring an overall MMA record of 25-6-0 into this bout with 11 (T)KO's and seven submission victories to his credit.

Rampage is a high caliber wrestler with excellent takedowns ( he's known for his impossibly powerful slams ), and ground control skills. Further, he is the strongest guy in the 205 pound division, bar none.

Like Ortiz, he likes to pound his opponents into oblivion.

However, Jackson also has better than average technical standup. He tends toward straight, powerful punches that have done very well by him in the past ( for example, they did a number on Liddell back in 2003 ).

Don't be fooled by his seven submissions, however ; most of those were accrued in small market events early on. Along with that, Jackson doesn't really have too much in the line of submissions. However, he does have strong submission defense skills.

Like Fedor Emelianenko, Jackson has shown the ability to literally power out of submissions that most fighters would have tapped from.

Though Jackson does have a good jaw ; it's not impenetrable. Along with this, he was knocked out rather viciously by Wanderlei Silva twice.

Tito Ortiz vs. Quinton Jackson in the Octagon

First, neither of these guys would even try to submit one another. Unless one of them was dazed, it's hard to imagine that happening.

Next, Jackson is the better stand up fighter. If the fight stayed upright for any significant length of time, he would probably win, even though Ortiz's stand up has improved to the point that he might be able to play there for awhile.

So that would leave Ortiz needing a takedown to win. If he were to get Jackson on his back, Rampage would not be in a good place ( Ortiz would use the wall to his advantage to mess up Rampage's face big time ).

On the flip side, Ortiz would definitely prefer not be on the bottom against Quinton Jackson. Jackson, too, might make mincemeat out of his face.

In terms of who is more likely to get the other on their back ( a surefire winning situation ), it's anyone's call. Ortiz is the better wrestler ; even though Rampage is just a step below. However, Rampage is the stronger guy.

Taken together, Quinton Jackson would have more ways to win this one. He could likely do it on his feet or on top on the ground. Ortiz would probably have to ground Rampage.

Hard to do, but certainly not impossible given the caliber of fighter we're talking about.

In the end, this would be a great fight to watch.

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