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Top 10 ATV Races in the U.S.

Cliff Montgomery,
What are the top 10 ATV races? We've tried to pick those races which, to our minds, offer something above the rest. We'll tell you when a race is part of a racing series, and try to keep the races from each series grouped together for clarity.

Here's our pick. Enjoy!

Grand National Cross Country Series

GNCC is most comparable with that of a hare scramble or an enduro. Raced mainly on the U.S. East coast, the series possesses a number of terrain features on its many tracks, including creek crossings, log crossings, mountain/hill climbs, and open dirt roads.

1. Orange Crush--De Leon Springs, FL

Going to where it is warm every winter is what makes the Orange Crush GNCC such a cool event. Many racers make a vacation out of it.

This is a 'torture test', with a number of logs placed in the "gator pit" made-for-tv section of the course for extra excitement.

2. Big Buck--Union, SC

The track at Big Buck was set to be a masterpiece of woods racing courses. The terrain in South Carolina is a good mix of wide-open fields and dense woods, with the occasional creek jump and hill-climb thrown in for good measure.

3. Yadkin Valley Stomp--Yadkinville, NC

The Yadkin Valley Stomp is somewhat like Big Buck, but it has at least one extra tangle for its riders: the quads rip thru an old abandoned house, for that extra out-of-control touch.

4. The Nevada Passage Wide Open--Winnemucca, NV

This year Nevada Commission on Tourism launched a new adventure competition in Winnemucca May 6-7 called "The Nevada Passage Wide Open."

The Nevada Passage Wide Open human-powered competitions include mountain bike racing on the "Bloody Shins Trail" and kayaking on the Humboldt River on May 6th. But the next day, competitors were challenged to navigate their own route to the summit of Winnemucca Mountain during an off-road "scramble run."

The two-day event also will include an ATV jamboree at Winnemucca's Regional Raceway. Participants must bring their own ATV's to participate in jamboree competitions that include an ATV pull, ATV sand drags and a rodeo skills event requiring participants to maneuver around and over a series of obstacles. $45 for 'ATV jamboree'.

5. ATV Mud Nationals

An ATV event no mud lover can miss. Often held in Texas, you can expect those who love driving their ATV's thru mud and water to be in heaven here. Every year, the mud machines come out in force for this one.

6. ATV Super Challenge Series

An ATV Super Challenge is considered to be the "truest test of an ATV." It involves 2 ATV's racing side by side on a closed course. The course consist of water, mud, hills, jumps, 's' turns, stutter bumps, and the popular "Stop Box." This form of racing now takes place in Michigan, Wisconsin, and in New York.

7. Pro Quad Championship Series

Quad Wars are some of the best quad competitions in the world. These events are "rev-ed up" and featured at monster truck shows. These quads run on the perimeter of the monster truck course. The track consists of whoop sections, triple and double jumps and dirt berms.

Most events are two laps of practice and two, 4-6 lap, heat races, followed by a 8-10 lap final.

All Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA) Series

8. Southern Challenge Series--Texas

This tough series often includes a few national pros on their way to the next ATVA national motocross series. STQRA membership is not required to compete in the races, but a membership allows points and series awards. Complete race results and information on the STQRA series are available online at

9. ATVA Short Track National Series

The ATVA Short Track National Series is a brand-new series which will feature ten classes--including five Open classes and two Youth classes--and is open to pro, pro-am, and amateur competitors.

10. Pro ATV Motocross racing championship, beginning in 2007

The American Motorcyclist Association and AMA Pro Racing have announced the creation of a new professional ATV Motocross racing championship beginning with the 2007 season.

The series will feature 450cc machines. It will also feature up to 12 outdoor events, each managed by ATV-specific racing staff members. Five to six indoor events will be added in 2008.

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