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Four Extreme Sports You Need to Experience

By Tim Houghten,

Attention adrenaline junkies --

If you enjoy the rush of living on the edge, experiencing new extreme sports that are both physically and mentally demanding, and pushing the boundaries on what it means to be human, then you must try at least one of the following 3 extreme sports listed below!

Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is very dangerous, just as any other extreme sport you should experience is, but the rush that junkies get from throwing themselves off the edge of a cliff and flying through the air until, SMACK, they hit the water, is an indescribable experience that keeps them coming back time and time again. Cliff divers keep challenging one another to find higher and higher places from which to jump from to raise the stakes in their gambling games. Some of the highest known locations in the world to go cliff diving for these hardcore partakers include:

Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Conowingo, Sun Lakes in WA, Havasupai Falls, Eagle Rock in Lake of the Ozarks MO, Devil's Punch Bowl, Devils Hole, The Cliffs at Lillington, Crater Lake National Park, Weever's Needle, Beaver Lake, Gibraltar Dam, Grayson Lake, Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis, The Potholes in Shelburne Falls, MA, 2nd Dam, Rubicon River, Kimberley in Australia, Negril in Jamaica, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Lake Verbano in Italy, Polignano a Mare in Italy, Switzerland, Big Island in Hawaii, Acapulco in Mexico, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and Villers-le-Lac in France.

Flying Suit

Flying Suit is one of the craziest but most exciting popular new extreme sports that you need to experience and is quickly growing globally. Flying suit is an extreme sport in which people wear a specifically tailored suit called a wingsuit, and often times referred to as a squirrel suit, which adds surface area to the body in-between the legs and arm areas to create more lift. Participants will jump from a plane, hot air balloon, or helicopter and sail downward at extremely high speeds, and pull a parachute at the very last minute to provide a safe landing.

Flying suit professionals have many hours of training before going in the field to experiment with their designs. Flying suit participants must know exactly when to exit, at which angle to exit for the type of aircraft they are on, when to spread their arms and legs so as not to hit the aircraft or become unbalanced, and how to maneuver in their suit to be able to properly pull and control the parachute. The most passionate about the sport hope to design a suit that will eliminate the need for a parachute at all. They hope to accomplish this goal within the next few years, ultimately fulfilling every little child's dream of being able to fly across the sky. Once their goal is met everyone will have the chance to try out this extreme sport that must be experienced.

Downhill Rollerblading

Downhill rollerblading is an extreme sport that you need to experience-especially for those who wish to push the limit on speed and agility. Professionals who have been downhill rollerblading for years have clocked in at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. This extreme sport includes specially designed equipment with wheels made from polyurethane material with precision bearings to reinforce their strength against the demands of high speeds being placed on them.

Downhill rollerbladers crouch down so their center of gravity is lower with their waist and elbows bent and hands in front of them. Then, using their inside foot they slide from side to side in a downhill direction gaining fast speed while using their outside foot to maintain balance and direction. For those who have never done downhill rollerblading before it is best to choose an area that has lots of grass on the sides so you can easily step off if you need to.

Before venturing off to downhill rollerblade remember to find a safe area in which to do it. This means there should be no heavy traffic in the area, you should pick a long paved stretch of road that has been maintained, and avoid places that have killer 'S' curves. At high speeds it can be very difficult to maneuver around curves so choose wisely on what you think you can handle.

The top known locations for the extreme sport of downhill rollerblading include but are not limited to: The Swiss Grimsel Pass, Malibu, California, San Francisco, California, Haleakaka, Hawaii, Denver, Colorado, South Beach, Miami, Dallas, Texas, and many other coastal cities.

Ice Cross Downhill

Ice cross downhill could be considered one of the most exciting extreme sports for participants and viewers alike. Ice cross downhill involves four ice-hockey players at a time flying down a 500m deep embankment on skates filled with jumps, bumps, rollers, and chicanes. Players elbow, nudge, bump, and flail their way down to the bottom hitting speeds of up to 70 mph. The rules of this thrilling extreme sport are simple; the first player to the bottom wins.

Ice Cross Downhill has become such a popular extreme sport because it's rude, crude, dangerous, and exhilarating. The energy and fierce knockout system quickly separates the most strategic and biggest players from the weak and timid. Training for this event is not easy, but most try to train for it as you would ski cross, substituting ice for snow. The curvy courses and high speeds are something that only the most athletic can handle with grace. Those who are not fit enough to handle the demands of the course provide impressive action and exhilarating crashes for fans to scream and yell about.

To participate in Ice Cross Downhill you must have appropriate training on how to handle your body on ice. Additionally, you will want to train with exercises built to increase your agility; making it easier for you to recognize obstacles on the course and avoid them as best you can. Lastly, watching the competitions and techniques that ice-hockey players use such as at the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, will help you to improve your chances of making it to the final cuts.

Ice Cross Downhill started as an obscure extreme sport but is steadily gaining ground. Over 80,000 raging fans witnessed this past years' Ice Cross Downhill World Championship. The best advice to take from professionals if thinking about taking up this extreme sport is to be aggressive, but be smart.

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