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Boxing Tips to Become a Better Boxer

By Cliff Montgomery,
Boxing athletes need a regimen right for their needs. It must be intense without tearing muscles and joints, improve overall body strength, be exciting and vigorous, burn calories, help create mental toughness, and improve the body's endurance to boot.

Intensity is the hallmark of any good boxing workout. Drills should primarily consist of 2-3 minute rounds, with 60-second recovery periods. Over time such a system will improve your bodily threshold, consistently working you at 85-90% of your maximum heart rate. The one minute rest periods will help you learn how to efficiently recover your breath as you stretch and review proper technique.

Strength gain is a natural byproduct of a well-kept boxing regimen. Boxers use a combination of weights, specialized boxing equipment and plyometric devices in their workouts to maximize calorie burn and increase that lean muscle mass so necessary in 'the sweet science'. These bodily developments will improve explosiveness, speed, power, and bodily endurance and also keep at minimal levels that body fat no one wants.

The heavy bag is one of the most time-worn pieces of training equipment around, and probably the most effective boxing exercise tool available. Hitting the heavy bag is the best method to learn to punch with swiftness and force.

To increase speed and strength, one must strike the bag hard. Routine drills are required to develop efficiency of movement when punching. Sadly, fighters all too often try to coast through a heavy bag session.

One can improve stamina through short, yet extremely intense punch-out drills. Commonly referred to as the 'Olympic Drill', this activity simply consists of a series of all-out punches thrown in quick order without rest. Intermittent pauses normally range from 15 to 60 seconds.

Boxing gyms and many health clubs offer formal boxing classes about 60 minutes in length. A normal session will usually be divided into five segments designed to guarantee a successful workout:

Warm-up - A 5-to-10 minute warm-up safely prepares you for your exercises.

Conditioning - A 10-minute progression from the warm-up into basic resistance training emphasizes your strength, speed and endurance.

Technique - A 5-minute drill moving you from fundamental punches to multiple combinations and defensive work.

Hitting Drills - A 35-minute string of timed rounds in the circuit training style, employing everything from heavy bags to focus mitts to target shields and more.

Cool Down - A 5-minute stretch-period to better your flexibility. You may also ask your trainer for advice and tips during this time.

Boxing employs most of a person's physical abilities. Your musculoskeletal system grows tougher through repeated resistance drills and boxing-specific equipment exercises. In time the cardio-respiratory and vascular systems become much stronger through concentrated, high-impact and high-energy workouts. Your central nervous system is taught to react faster, and responds much better in punching combination sessions.

In addition to rigorous classes, part of any real boxing program will include equivalent strength, plyometric and medicine ball drills to better your conditioning. Strength training utilizes resistance activities; this usually means weightlifting to improve one's strength, with a special focus on the ability to employ fast-twitch muscle fibers for tremendous hitting strength.

It is common to experience tough morning roadwork, followed by an evening occupied with sparring and other exercises intended to improve your particular boxing abilities.

Personal trainers with previous boxing preparation experience can offer you the necessary workouts. Just make certain the trainer you choose is sanctioned by a nationally recognized certification association, and has the suitable know-how and personality to meet your needs.

Another aspect of training is to have a practical, well-planned nutritional agenda. This is significant to boxers for several reasons:

Carbohydrates should be your principal source of energy

You need ample sources of protein - Protein works to revive muscles and aid in new muscle growth and development. Failure to eat adequate protein leads to reduced abilities. Fine sources include chicken, tuna, fish and egg whites. Protein shakes are great after a hard workout.

You need 8-10 glasses of water per day

You should keep far from saturated fats and fried foods

You should eat only primary fatty acids or use a Flaxseed Oil supplement - Omega-3 fatty acids are determined to be the most essential, and are primarily in seafood. Reliable sources include mackerel, tuna, and salmon.

You need to eat unprocessed carbs from natural food sources

It's best to eat 5-6 modest meals, spread throughout the day

'Low fat' is no proof of low calories - Check calories and sugar levels; watch those high sugar juices. Try 'Crystal Light' and other low-calorie options. Read the info on food-labels before selecting foods.

Remember, if you fluctuate higher than 3-5% of your fighting weight, your body will usually respond poorly to any drastic gain/loss of mass before a match. Make sure you're in shape at match time.

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