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Top 10 Places for Extreme Mountain Biking
Extreme Mountain biking can give you one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of your entire life,
but it is also an extremely dangerous pastime, so you must have the proper training, patience,
and self-reliance before adventuring to any one of these top ten places to ride extreme.

Mountain Biking Archives - Past News and Events

Downhill Downdale - Gee Atherton vs David Knight in Fort William

The ultimate challenge of man versus machine took place at the home of UK mountain biking, Fort William, between downhill World Cup Winner 2010, Gee Atherton, and Enduro E3 World Champion 2010, David Knight. Who would be fastest down the course? Find out here... Downhill mountain biking.

Trial bike, Mountain bike and BMX-Street

November 17th 2010 " The wait is finally over! The new project that follows Danny 'MegaSkill' MacAskill's YouTube hit is now live!

Combining the riding style of trial bike, mountain bike and BMX-street, check out the awesome tricks unveiled in the new video that follows Danny on his journey from the urban streets of Edinburgh back to his hometown in the Isle of Skye.

And if you want to find out more about how he pulls off the daredevil tricks

To celebrate the launch of the new film, Red Bull is to host a live Q&A web chat with Danny MacAskill from 5pm GMT today. With support from Pink Bike this unique opportunity will enable fans to get up-close-and-personal by asking the street trials sensation their questions on his new film.

Fans can watch the film now and post their questions via a special comment box on the film's dedicated landing page at

Danny will kick off the Q&A session by answering a selection of the best questions asked by fans ahead of the 5pm start, including how he came up with the daredevil tricks he performs on his journey.

Tune in to to watch the exclusive premiere of 'Way Back Home' and post your questions for Danny now!

Danny McAskill: Way Back Home

In the lead up to the release of his new film, Way Back Home, Danny MacAskill talks about the journey that his life has taken over the past year. From what started as a bit of fun, filming with his friend Dave Sowerby, to managing the success of starring in a 20 million view YouTube hit, Danny now starts a new challenge with Red Bull as he heads back home from Edinburgh to Skye with some incredible experiences along the way... Head over to to find out more.

Way Back Home: The Locations

Danny's new project 'Way Back Home' is going to land on November 16th, and he'll be chatting about the film live at 5pm GMT on premiere day. Check out this video showing off some of the stunning rural locations Danny will be riding in and post your questions for him NOW at

Gee Heads to Utah for Big Time Freeride Events: Red Bull Rampage

The season finale of The Atherton Project sees Gee, with his World Cup win under his belt, heading to Utah for the mother of all freeride events: Red Bull Rampage. On the road, Gee and the team stop off at a gun range to let off some steam, and a few AK-47 rounds"

Then it's on to Red Bull Rampage. The week involves intense heat, unforgiving terrain, and a ton of digging to get the lines perfect. If only Dan were there, to lend his shovel skills. After a jaw-dropping week of insane freeriding, The Atherton Project 2010 literally ends with a bang of epic proportions, and a little quiet reflection on the year that's been.

Don't know who Danny MacAskill is?

After 12 years of riding bikes, working in bike shops and making the odd trials video to show his mates, 2009 saw the whole world discover Danny MacAskill. His five and half minute video clip, which features Danny pulling off jaw-dropping moves on the streets of Edinburgh, became a YouTube sensation and led to a slew of appearances and interviews broadcast worldwide. Now, with Red Bull as his sponsor, the stage is set for Danny to push the envelope of street trials as far as it will go.


To support the launch of the August Edition of Red Bulletin in the UK, out on Sunday August 1st, Red Bull have given us this brand new clip of Red Bull Rampage, Launched in 2001 and held annually through 2004, Red Bull Rampage brings the creative, unrestricted ethos of freeride mountain biking to the contest arena while staying true to the sport's core ideals. Poised on a sandstone ridge in the brutal landscape near Virgin, Utah, riders were free to choose whatever line they dared between an established start gate and the finish line 1,500 vertical feet below. Exactly what happened between those two points has become legendary.

Check out more insane, life threatening stunts, only in the Red Bulletin. Available in the Sunday Telegraph on the first Sunday of every month " you can also read it on

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The online reality TV series 'The Atherton Project' is a fly-on-the-wall show tracking the exploits of one of the most famous families in mountain bike history. It follows British riders Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as they compete in events around the world in the 2010 season. The man behind the camera is legendary mountain bike film-maker Clay Porter, and Dan, Gee and Rachel have given him unlimited access to their lives as he follows them all over the planet. There's 10 episodes in total, and here's episode 4 below.

Episode 4 begins in Houffalize, Belgium for the first round of the 4X World Cup. Gee has to watch from the sidelines due to a shoulder injury, so Dan's left to fly the flag for the Athertons. Then it's on to Maribor, Slovenia for Round 1 of the Downhill World Cup. Disaster strikes for Rachel as she breaks her finger in training, but this seems to make her even more determined. As the rain slows the course right down, is she going to attempt the impossible and get herself on the podium?

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

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