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The Top 10 Snowboards

By Robert Rousseau,
Perhaps you're an avid snowboarder that's been in the game for years; or maybe you're a newbie boarder looking to gain some information on a past time that couldn't look more fun. Regardless, you both have something in common.

You need a snowboard in order to truly experience the fun.

Below is a list of ten snowboards that may have the stuff you're looking for in 2006 - 2007.

Arbor Mystic - First, you have to love the fact that the core of this board is made of bamboo. Bamboo is strong as hell and lightweight; thus, so is this board. Further, it's environmentally friendly, which is just an added benefit. In terms of the board itself, the Arbor Mystic is an excellent freestyle board, the kind made to explode into halfpipe tricks. The best part? The Arbor Mystic doesn't wear as quick as other boards (due to the bamboo) and isn't terribly expensive.

Burton Custom X Snowboard - If you've ever heard of snowboarding, then you've probably heard of Burton. After all, Burton is snowboarding, and almost everyone, at one time or another, has come across the Custom X. As always (they've been making this board for over a decade now), Burton Custom boards are lightweight, responsive, and just dripping with pop. Even better, they look cool.

Elan Inverse 155 - One of the lightest going. The makers claim that the Advanced DG Top Technology is the cause. Regardless, riders will likely be impressed with its responsiveness and flex, not to mention its ability to handle virtually any terrain. Here's what one of the test crew participants had to say at TransworldSnowboarding about the Elan Inverse 155.

"If you ride jumps, rails, boxes, trees, junk, trash, cars, street rails- whatever you ride- the board is amazing."

Gnu Rider's Choice 157.5 MTX - This is a freestyle board that reportedly responds well into turns, lands as smooth as a baby's bottom, and generally seems willing to follow your every command. Its got a snappy flex and should be a winner in the pipe.

Nidecker Advanced 157 - This is a versatile board that works great on both rails (word is, you'll hardly know you're on one), and jumps. It's got great pop. Even better, you can get yourself a Nidecker Advanced 157 for less than $400.

Nitro Team 159 - Anytime you're compiling a "best of" list, you want versatility. Even the Nitro Team themselves appear to believe that this is their most versatile board. Its powercore is made of poplar wood that seems to give it just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility, and its fast base is resistant to abrasion. Not to mention, it's reasonably priced at around $399.

Option Sansalone Pro Snowboard - Again, versatility is the key word. This board responds to your every wish, is light, and comes in all shapes and sizes. In other words, not only does it respond to changing terrains, it also responds well to changing riders.

Ride DH 157 - This is a board that you can count on; an old reliable if you will (even if the design should hardly be classified as old). Word is that the Ride's new design allowed for durameter urethane sidewalls. Join the club if you don't know what that truly means, but the result is apparently very soft sidewalls that allow for that smooth ride you've been looking for.

Rome Anthem Snowboard - Rome hasn't necessarily been doing this forever, and maybe that's a good thing. Their Anthem design offers a classic frontside grab and a whole lot of fun. The design team's recent decision to switch to a lighter, more consistent- flex wood core just feels right. Further, the board transitions very well from edge to edge and seems made for mountain riding.

Sapient Evolution 157 - Sometimes boarders who read these kinds of articles don't have a ton of experience. In that case, they'll be looking for a board that can handle their inexperience and grow with them. The Sapient Evolution 157, though designed for park and rail riders, seems to actually be a great 'do anything' kind of board that meets these requirements. It's easy to get used to and appears to want to be your friend, not your foe.

So there you have it. Go have a ball (or a board)!

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