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The Best Wakeboard Boats of 2011

By Tim Houghten,

Top Wakeboard Boats

As another season of wakeboarding rears its head with the new year, a new line of wakeboarding boats are waiting to be released into the eager hands of professionals and avid participants. The top wakeboarding boats of 2011 have more speed, agility, and power than ever before to create gnarly wakes that any wakeboarder would desire. As all wakeboarders have different preferences when choosing a boat, the list of boats below is in no particular order

1. 2011 Epic 23V

The name says it all. This boat creates waves any wakeboarder would dream about and has the sound system to make a statement that you're the one in charge in the water. With the largest ballast system in the business at 4,000 pounds and hybrid and all electric siblings, this bad boy will have you wanting to quit your day job.

2. 2011 Moomba Mobius Gravity XLV

This edgy 23 foot goliath is one of the most rider-friendly boats with a deep, wide, and extremely comfortable interior that can hold up to 16 people. This boat is about convenience; the speakers, mirror, tower, wakeboard racks, and a new spring-assisted V2 tower make it a reliable and quality performance dream come true.

3. 2011 Malibu Wakesetter VLX

It's hard to imagine a better version than last years, but this year the Malibu Wakesetter VLX includes a tweaked hull, a 6.5 inch touch screen LCD display (with technology comparable to the iPad), four tanks that hold 1,250 pounds of jump juice, coded keyless ignition, room for 11, 410 horse power and a 900 pound ballast. This is the official towboard for Wakestock and more popular, top wakeboarding tournaments.

4. 2011 Supra Launch 242

This boat is hot! The seating provides a lounge-feel with room for 17 people, has 1,700 pounds of ballast, is 24 feet long with a modified vee hull type, 325 horsepower, 68-gallon fuel capacity, and a heart-stopping fast start. It's no wonder this boat made its debut at the 2010 Wakeboard World Championships and was an instant hit.

5. 2011 MasterCraft X-Star

As the official towboat of the X-games, this boat features a newly designed gauge bod, the first completely electronically controlled wakeboard tower, 350 horsepower, JL Audio 7.7'' speakers, JL Audio 10'' Woofer, and a 865 pound ballast. At 22ft. and 3in. long this monster creates excellent port and starboard wakes and is the boat of choice for many professional wakeboarders. No wonder why it's one of the top wakeboarding boats of 2011.

6. 2011 Yamaha AR210

Wakeboarding fans are more than delighted with the new 2011 Yamaha AR 210. With twin engines, lots of storage, lounge-style seating, standard wakeboard tower, easy functionality and top speeds of 75 kph this is a great investment for all future wakeboarding and other water-related endeavors.

7. 2011 Super Air Nautique 230

The new weightless system of the iconic Flight Control Tower makes it easier than ever for one person to lower the tower for bridges or garages. The wake is well defined with a solid lip and pro-level pop, which is the reason why it's used by the famous Shaun Murray, Danny Harf, J.D. Webb, and Bob Soven among others. The arena style seating and 1,075 pounds of ballast make this an easy purchase for any type of wakeboarder looking for a top wakeboarding boat in 2011.

8. 2011 Tige RZ4

This boat is the pride and joy of the RZ series with complete boat control through simple touch screen interface, deep seating in the bow to keep friends dry and warm with room for up to 17 people, quick acceleration, excellent fuel efficiency, and with its exceptional speed the wake produced is considered outstanding by most professionals.

9. 2011 Vandall Edition Axis A22

While the company has only been around for a mere 3 years, the 2011 Vandall Edition Axis A22 was chosen as this years' Most Innovative Product of the Year by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA). This boat is versatile; you can mold the wake for professionals or mellow it down for kids. It holds up to 11 people, has 800 pounds of ballast, lots of storage, and has one of the most rider-centric interiors. There is no doubt this budget friendly boat will make a huge splash in its debut as one of the top wakeboarding boats of 2011.

10. 2011 Enzo sv230

This boat makes any wakeboarder salivate just by looking at it. A beautiful 23 feet long, this gorgeous boat holds 14 people, with 1,370 pounds of ballast, swivel wakeboard racks, six Sony deck speakers, a 35 qt. cooler, a double up tower easily folded for storage, and rampy waves. There is no question this boat will be on many wish lists for 2011.

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