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Top 10 Lakes to Wakeboard

By Cliff Montgomery,

Wakeboarding Lakes

Lake Shasta, CA

Considered by many to be the best ski and wakeboard lake around. Shasta has four arms, and each is itself like a separate lake. That's in addition to the main lake near the dam. Add to that the thousands of little coves and secret inlets, and you've got a body of water so big no wakeboarder can ever fully explore it.

Colorado River, US Southwest

Hot weather and cool, calm water make this one of the water-ski centers of America. There are plenty of hot bodies and hot boats, and water events are the dominant summer activities. The roar of the big V8s in the jet boats can be incredible, along with the bright wakes spewing from boats and skiers alike. There are also yearly speedboat races which employ the river's wonderful capabilities for various competitions.

Stoney Park, Australia

Stoney Park consists of two man-made lakes which have been specifically built for water-skiing and wakeboarding. The lakes have been carefully constructed at right angles to each other, to best utilize the varying sun and wind conditions. The Eastern Lake is fully equipped with a slider and a kicker ramp, to make for hours of fun for the braver wakeboarder.

Boats come with a custom made high pole and wedge for wakeboarding. These innovative pieces of equipment create the perfect shaped wake that boarders crave, and take only minutes to install.

Lake Havasu, AZ

Giant Havasu stands out like a lone sapphire in a pile of coal. Only the Colorado River breaks up the surrounding expanse of desert. It's 45 miles long and covers 19,300 acres at the low elevation of 482 feet. This is one of the most popular boating destinations in the entire southwestern United States, and its size, weather, warm water, and proximity to Las Vegas make it one of the top vacation and water-skiing hot spots in the West.

TSR Extreme Sports Complex, TX

The Texas Ski Ranch Complex says it all on its website: "No boat needed on this lake! Experience the thrill and excitement that the cableway offers riders of all levels. [...] Veteran athletes love the big air offered by loading the line or hitting the kickers and sliders, and beginners love the ease of the cableway and the coaching available from the experienced dock staff."

They also have a tried-and-true, old-fashioned boat lake for you sticks-in-the-mud, but with a subtle difference: " other boats, no other wakes. Just you, buttery water, a Mastercraft towboat, and an experienced driver and coach. It doesn't get much better than this." Indeed.

Coble Ski Camp, NC

The camp in Lillington is ready to start its 11th season in operation. One of the world's foremost and most comprehensive water ski/wakeboard training facilities, Coble consists of 10 private lakes. Only one boat is allowed on each lake at a time, so you will enjoy premier wakeboarding conditions. Thousands of boarders from around the world have shared this one-of-a-kind facility.

Lake Lure, NC

The Chalet Club has been synonymous with water-skiing sports ever since the late '50's, when they added water-skiing to their guests' activities list. Proudly continuing in that vein, the Chalet Club hopes to have the same experience with wakeboarding. It offers wakeboarding capabilities which take place behind pontoon and ski boats - all using the latest Connelly equipment.

Bow Lake, WA

Located just 60 miles North of Seattle WA in the beautiful Skagit valley, at the gateway of the San Juan Islands. Guests at Bow Lake Training Center may be of any ability: from first timers to the professional wakeboarders and avid water-skiers, they want all to enjoy their stay at Bow Lake. Spring and summer season runs from April until October. During this season they offer some outstanding features for the aqua-sports fan.

While they have most equipment, they do encourage you to bring your own board.

AquaSki Park, Costa Rica

Stimulate your senses as you cut across immaculate liquid glass. Take a deep breath as you inhale the sweet fragrance of the constantly blooming flora, or simply blink your eyes as you focus on the brilliant colors of an exotic tucan as he sails across the sky. Whatever you're looking for, Costa Rica has it.

The ski/wakeboard park consists of a private, man-made 3,500 ft. long fresh water lake surrounded by a 250-acre orange plantation and coconut palms with a view of Arenal Volcano.

Neorion Bay, Greece

The Passage Water Ski Center's located on one of the greenest and most picturesque islands in Greece, with some of the clearest, most beautiful waters on Earth. Passage is owned by Sotiris Kyprios, a former European Slalom Senior 1 Champion.

For wakeboarding Kyprios uses a 2005 Malibu Wakesetter VLX, a boat specially built to tow wakeboarders. The wakesetter makes the biggest ridable wake in Greece.


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